DragonWake Films LLC

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About Us

DragonWake Films is a small video production company in Pittsburgh, owned and operated by Joel Micah Donovan and Bailey Donovan since 2013. We bring our creative and technical expertise to short movies, music videos, and feature films. We also share our movie-making equipment with filmmakers in the Pittsburgh area.


Here is a sample of our portfolio.

Back For Good (Official Trailer)

Slowdanger – “Interactive”

Maggie vs Evil Dead

Arcade High – “Cool Inc.”


We love to help local productions by renting out our professional equipment. The PDF below contains a list of all the gear and equipment and we have for rent, but it is subject to change. Please contact us for rates and availability.


The best way to get in touch with us is by email. Hit us up at info@nulldragonwakefilms.com. Whether you want to inquire about rental options, to learn more about our work, or to propose a future collaboration, we look forward to hearing from you.